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Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
7-27 Hyunwoo Jung Effectively Prefetching Remote Memory with Leap ATC'20 PDF
7-20 Seungbeom Choi Twig: Multi-Agent Task Management for Colocated Latency-Critical Cloud Services HPCA'20 PDF
7-13 Soojin Hwang A Generic Communication Scheduler for Distributed DNN Training Acceleration SOSP'19 PDF
7-06 Sangjin Choi The Case for Learned Index Structures SIGMOD'18 PDF
6-22 Yoonjae Jeon FreeFlow: Software-based Virtual RDMA Networking for Containerized Clouds NSDI'19 PDF
6-08 Daehyun Baek Snap: a Microkernel Approach to Host Networking SOSP 2019 SOSP'19 PDF
5-11 Joongun Park Nested Enclave: Supporting Fine-grained Hierarchical Isolation with SGX ISCA'20 PPTX
4-27 Seonjin Na SwapAdvisor: Push Deep Learning Beyond the GPU Memory Limit via Smart Swapping ASPLOS'20 PPTX
4-13 Hyunwoo Jung Learning-based Memory Allocation for C++ Server Workloads ASPLOS'20 PPTX
4-06 Seungbeom Choi Nexus: a GPU cluster engine for accelerating DNN-based video analysis SOSP'19 PDF
3-30 Soojin Hwang Classifying Memory Access Patterns for Prefetching ASPLOS'20 PDF
3-25 Taeksoo Kim Batch-Aware Unified Memory Management in GPUs for Irregular Workloads ASPLOS'20 Youtube
3-04 Yoonjae Jeon Scalable RDMA RPC on Reliable Connection with Efficient Resource Sharing EuroSys'19 PPTX
2-19 Jaewan Hong TxFS: Leveraging File-System Crash Consistency to Provide ACID Transactions ATC'18 PDF
2-12 Daehyeon Baek An Analysis of Performance Evolution of Linux's Core Operations SOSP'19 PDF
1-22 Taehoon Kim Scalable and Practical Locking with Shuffling SOSP'19 PDF
1-15 SeonJin Na Gandiva: Introspective Cluster Scheduling for Deep Learning OSDI'18 PDF
1-08 Jungi Jeong KVell: the Design and Implementation of a Fast Persistent Key-Value Store SOSP'19 PDF
Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
12-11 Seungbeom Choi EdgeWise: A Better Stream Processing Engine for the Edge ATC'19 PDF
12-04 Soojin Hwang Efficient Scalable Thread-Safety-Violation-Detection SOSP'19 PPTX
11-27 Taeksoo Kim DRAGON: Breaking GPU Memory Capacity Limits with Direct NVM Access SC'18 PDF
11-13 Yoonjae Jeon The benefits and costs of writing a POSIX kernel in a high-level language OSDI'18 PDF
11-06 Jaewan Hong SplitFS: Reducing Software Overhead in File Systems for Persistent Memory SOSP'19 PPTX
10-16 Daehyeon Baek Transkernel: Bridging Monolithic Kernels to Peripheral Cores ATC'19 PDF
10-02 Sukchul Cho NICA: An Infrastructure for Inline Acceleration of Network Applications ATC'19 PDF
09-25 Joongun Park Secured Routines: Language-based Construction of Trusted Execution Environments ATC'19 PDF
09-18 Taehoon Kim SILK: Preventing Latency Spikes in Log-Structured Merge Key-Value Stores ATC'19 PDF
09-04 Jungi Jeong Finding and Fixing Performance Pathologies in Persistent Memory Software Stacks ASPLOS'19 PDF
08-07 Jaeseong Im Network requirements for resource disaggregation OSDI'16 PDF
07-31 Sukchul Cho Sharing, Protection, and Compatibility for Reconfigurable Fabric with AmorphOS OSDI'18 PDF
07-24 Joongun Park OBFUSCURO: A Commodity Obfuscation Engine on Intel SGX NDSS'19 PPTX
07-17 Seonjin Na MArk: Exploiting Cloud Services for Cost-Effective, SLO-Aware Machine Learning Inference Serving ATC'19 PDF
07-10 Chang Hyun Park RobinHood: Tail Latency Aware Caching -- Dynamic Reallocation from Cache-Rich to Cache-Poor OSDI'18 PDF
07-03 Seungbeom Choi PRETZEL: Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning Prediction Serving Systems OSDI'18 PDF
06-05 Taekyung Heo TerseCades: Efficient Data Compression in Stream Processing ATC'18 PDF
05-22 Daehyeon Baek Making Huge Pages Actually Useful ASPLOS'18 PDF
05-15 Jaseong Im Remote memory in the age of fast networks SoCC'17 PPTX
05-08 Jungi Jeong Make the Most out of Last Level Cache in Intel Processors EuroSys'19 PPTX
04-25 Joongun Park Virtual Melting Temperature ISCA'18 PDF
03-27 Chang Hyun Park The Design and Implementation of Hyperupcalls ATC'18 PPTX
03-20 Taehoon Kim ShieldStore: Shielded In-memory Key-Value Storage with SGX EuroSys'19 PPTX
03-13 Hyunwoo Jung Nimble Page Management for Tiered Memory Systems ASPLOS '19 PPTX
03-06 Sukchul Cho wPerf: Generic Off-CPU Analysis to Identify Bottleneck Waiting Events OSDI '18 PDF
02-27 Daehyeon Baek Arachne: Core-Aware Thread Management OSDI '18 PDF
01-23 Jungi Jeong Fault-Tolerance, Fast and Slow: Exploiting Failure Asynchrony in Distributed Systems OSDI '18 PDF
01-16 Jongyul Kim Three steps is all you need: fast, accurate, automatic scaling decisions for distributed streaming dataflows OSDI '18 PDF

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
12-26 Taehoon Kim ZebRAM: Comprehensive and Compatible Software Protection against Rowhammer Attacks OSDI '18 PDF
12-19 Jungeon Park Varys: Protecting SGX enclaves from practical side-channel attacks ATC '18 PDF
11-14 Jaeseong Im LegoOS: A Disseminated, Distributed OS for Hardware Resource Disaggregation OSDI '18 PDF
11-07 Seonjin Na Graviton: Trusted Execution Environment on a GPU OSDI '18 PDF
10-10 Seunghyo Kang Cavs: An Efficient Runtime System for Dynamic Neural Networks ATC '18 PDF
09-05 Seungbeom Choi SPECTR: Formal Supervisory Control and Coordination for Many-core Systems Resource Management ASPLOS '18 PPT
08-23 Daehyun Baek Many-Thread Aware Prefetching Mechanisms for GPGPU Applications MICRO '10 PPT
07-26 Sungjoon Park Hardware-Assisted On-Demand Hypervisor Activation for Efficient Security Critical Code Execution on Mobile Devices ATC '16 PDF
07-12 Jungi Jeong ReFlex: Remote Flash ~= Local Flash ASPLOS '17 PDF1 PDF2
06-28 Jongyul Kim Reducing DRAM Footprint with NVM in Facebook EuroSys '18 PDF (Internal Use Only)
06-14 Chang Hyun Park LATR: Lazy Translation Coherence ASPLOS '18 PDF
06-07 Jaeseong Im Scale-Out ccNUMA: Exploiting Skew with Strongly Consistent Caching EuroSys '18 PDF
05-24 Wonsang Kwak Solros: A Data-Centric Operating System Architecture for Heterogeneous Computing EuroSys '18 PDF
05-10 Taehoon Kim HiKV: A Hybrid Index Key-Value Store for DRAM-NVM Memory Systems ATC '17 PDF
05-03 Jungeon Park Glamdring: Automatic application partitioning for Intel SGX ATC '17 PDF
04-26 Seonjin Na Devirtualizing Memory in Heterogeneous Systems ASPLOS '18 PPT
04-12 Seungbeom Choi Scale-out Acceleration for Machine Learning MICRO '17 PDF
03-22 Jongyul Kim LITE Kernel RDMA Support for Datacenter Applications SOSP '17 PDF PPT
03-15 Jungi Jeong SpaceJMP: Programming with Multiple Virtual Address Spaces ASPLOS '16 PPT
03-09 Chang Hyun Park My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container SOSP '17 PPT
02-14 Wonsang Kwak Garaph: Efficient GPU-accelerated Graph Processing on a Single Machine with Balanced Replication ATC '17 PDF
01-24 Jaeseong Im Rocksteady: Fast Migration for Low-latency In-memory Storage SOSP '17 PDF
01-18 Insu Jang Scaling a File System to Many Cores using an Operation Log SOSP '17 PPT PPT2
01-10 Seikwon Kim Hardware-Software Co-design to Mitigate DRAM Refresh Overheads: A Case for Refresh-Aware Process Scheduling ASPLOS '17 PPT

Date Presenter Title Venue Slide
12-20 Taekyung Heo Toward Elastic Memory Management for Cloud Data Analytics ATC '17 PDF
12-06 Seungbeom Choi Poseidon: An Efficient Communication Architecture for Distributed Deep Learning on GPU Clusters ATC '17 PDF
11-08 Jungi Jeong SPIN: Seamless Operating System Integration of Peer-to-Peer DMA Between SSDs and GPUs ATC '17 PDF
11-01 Seongyoung Lee SmartMD: A High Performance Deduplication Engine with Mixed Pages ATC '17 PDF
10-25 Jongyul Kim Multi-Hypervisor Virtual Machines: Enabling an Ecosystem of Hypervisor-level Services ATC '17 PDF
09-27 Chang Hyun Park Optimizing the TLB Shootdown Algorithm with Page Access Tracking ATC '17 PDF
09-20 Jungeon Park Graphene-SGX: A practical library OS for unmodified applications on SGX ATC '17 PDF
08-30 Seikwon Kim Transparent Dual Memory Compression Architecture PACT '17 PPT
08-23 Wonik Seo GRAPHENE: Packing and Dependency-Aware Scheduling for Data-Parallel Clusters OSDI '16 PDF
08-16 Jaewook Woo Regaining Lost Cycles with HotCalls: A Fast Interface for SGX Secure Enclaves ISCA '17 PPT
08-09 Taekyung Heo RFP: When RPC is Faster than Server-Bypass with RDMA EuroSys '17 PDF
08-02 Seungbeom Choi Prophet: Precise QoS Prediction on Non-Preemptive Accelerators to Improve Utilization in Warehouse Scale Computers ASPLOS '17 PPT
07-19 Jungi Jeong Efficient Memory Disaggregation with INFINISWAP NSDI '17 PDF
07-12 Seonjin Na SGXBOUNDS: Memory Safety for Shielded Execution EuroSys '17 PDF
07-05 Insu Jang Eleos: ExitLess OS Services for SGX Enclaves EuroSys '17 PDF PPT
06-28 Jongyul Kim Firmament: fast, centralized cluster scheduling at scale OSDI '16 PDF
06-21 Taehoon Kim Opaque: An Oblivious and Encrypted Distributed Analytics Platform NSDI '17 PDF
05-31 Jungeon Park Coordinated and Efficient Huge Page Management with Ingens OSDI '16 PPT
05-17 Chang Hyun Park pVM: persistent virtual memory for efficient capacity scaling and object storage EuroSys '16 PDF
05-10 Jaeseong Im Light-Weight Contexts: An OS Abstraction for Safety and Performance OSDI '16 PDF
04-19 Seikwon Kim Picocenter: Supporting long-lived, mostly-idle applications in cloud environmentss EuroSys '16 PPT
04-12 Wonik Seo Altruistic Scheduling in Multi-Resource Clusters OSDI '16 PPT
04-08 Taekyung Heo SGX-Shield: Enabling Address Space Layout Randomization for SGX Programs NDSS '17 PPT
03-22 Jungi Jeong DudeTM: Building Durable Transactions with Decoupling for Persistent Memory ASPLOS '17 PPT
02-22 Taehoon Kim Shared Address Translation Revisited EuroSys '16 PDF
02-15 Jonguk Kim Optimizing every operation in a write-optimized file system FAST '15 PPT
02-08 Seonjin Na Secure Deduplication of General Computations ATC '15 PPT
01-25 Insu Jang SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX OSDI '16 PPT
01-18 Jongyul Kim Early detection of configuration errors to reduce failure damage OSDI '16 PDF
01-04 Seungbeom Choi GeePS: Scalable deep learning on distributed GPUs with a GPU-specialized parameter server EuroSys '16 PPT